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The whole house Ground floor1e floorStudio
Max. 12 persons
€ 160,- per night
Max. 6 persons
€ 40,- per night (2 persons)
Every extra person
€20,- p.p.p.n.
Max. 6 persons
€ 40,- per night  (2 persons)
Every extra person
€20,- p.p.p.n.
Max. 2 persons
€ 60,- per night

Children in the room: price on request

There are 2 camp beds and 2 high chairs for the smallest children. The veranda and the stairs to the top can be safely closed with a stair gate.

Lunch & Dinner

You can make use of lunch and dinner. Dietary requirements are taken into account if indicated in advance.

DinnerRp 60.000 p.p.
LunchRp 35.000 p.p.

Car rental due to excursions

On request..


The facilities of Villa Tanen are ideal for celebrating a wedding in Javanese style, organizing meetings and small conferences. We can also organize workshops such as a batik or cooking workshop. For more information and prices, please contact us.


You can wash and iron your clothes for a small fee. There is a price list in the laundry basket in the bedroom.

PantsRp 5.000 p.p.
T-shirtRp 4.000 p.p
ShirtRp 4.500 p.p.


In the living room, there is a fridge that you can use. The refrigerator is also stocked with soft drinks and beer during your stay (if available). There is a price list on the fridge. You note your consumption yourself and later you calculate with the staff. If you want something different then you can safely ask.

Massage / Pedicures / Manicure / Barber / Beautician

You can make an appointment with the staff.

Have clothes made

The staff can advise you a seamstress.

Travel tips

You must be in possession of a passport that is valid for another six months upon entry into Indonesia.


For a stay longer than 30 days you must apply for a visa in the country where you live. More information can be found on the website of the Indonesian Embassy in your country


You can buy a new SIM card for your own telephone in Tanen. Please note that you can be reached at all your locations during your stay in Indonesia. For this, you need the correct SIM card, our staff can help you with this. With your new Indonesian SIM card, you are very good and reasonably cheap to reach from your country


Money exchange is safe and good in Grand Inna (on the Malioboro) or at the local banks.
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There are sufficient pin devices.


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Think of

  • Sunscreen lotion (not available locally)
  • Deet (insect repellent lotion) 50% lotion
  • Covering clothing for shoulders because of culture and the sun

In Java, it is not recommended to drive a car or a motorcycle by yourself, If you still want to do this, an international driving license is required.


After booking, you will receive a bill with a demand for a 30% deposit. Deposit must be paid within 1 month. After the deposit the reservation is final. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 1 month before arrival at Guesthouse Tanen. In case of cancellation, you are not entitled to a refund of the down payment. For the remaining amount, we act according to the ANVR cancellation policy. We, therefore, advise you to take travel insurance.
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