Holiday home in Indonesia

Are you looking for a holiday home with swimming pool in Indonesia where you can stay in luxury?Then Villa Tanen is the right place for you..

What is Villa Tanen?

Villa Tanen is a perfect holiday home with a swimming pool and tropical garden for couples, as well as for families and larger groups. This holiday home in Indonesia is located on the island of Java. The holiday home is located 21 kilometres north of the city of Yogyakarta.  There are many sights to admire nearby. Our English speaking guide will show you all these. When you book a tour with him, he will tell you all about the area. You will of course be acquainted with Indonesian hospitality.

Which stays can you choose from?

At Villa Tanen you can choose from a number of options in terms of stay. This makes it more likely that you will find the place to stay you are looking for, with us.

With us you can book the following options:

  • The entire villa (maximum 12 people);
  • Only the ground floor (maximum 6 people);
  • Only the first floor (maximum 6 people) ;
  • The studio (maximum 2 people)

Booking a part of the villa

If you only rent the ground floor or only the first floor, it may be possible there are other guests present in the villa.  You will then share the porch, livingroom and the swimming pool with them.  Are you only booking the upper floor, then it could be that the ground floor was booked at the same time by another company and vice versa.

The studio

The studio is a guest apartment that is located separate from the villa. The studio has a spacious bedroom, bathroom and veranda. In addition, just like in the villa, you can use the free wifi connection and you will also receive the same service as in the villa. And of course, you can enjoy the swimming pool and the tropical garden. Are you travelling with your partner and do you want the luxury that you experience in a villa, but the privacy that a private studio offers you ? Then Villa Tanen’s studio is the perfect holiday home for you in Indonesia.

Enjoy the many facilities and excellent service

At Villa Tanen you can go for a holiday home in Indonesia that matches the size of your group . Whatever stay you choose, you can always use our facilities and enjoy our 24/7 top service. The staff of Villa Tanen is always ready for you! Moreover, many sights can easily be reached from the villa. Our English speaking guide will be happy to bring you and tell more about it. In short: when you stay in Villa Tanen, won’t miss out on anything!

Do you want to book Villa Tanen as a holiday home in Indonesia?

Would you like to book Villa Tanen as your holiday home in Indonesia?  Then you can do this by contacting us so we can process  your reservation.  Would you like to have some more information first?  Feel free to contact us, because we would be happy to tell you more about our beautiful villa on Java.