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Scale Mount Merapi

Climbing Mount Merapi is an experience in itself. The Merapi is an active volcano. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia, but fortunately the mountain is well monitored.

The ascent of the Merapi volcano is a tough trip of almost a day, which can’t be done unaccompanied. You leave from Villa Tanen at 22.00 hours in the evening, so you are at the top at sunrise. You are back at the end of the next afternoon.

It is important that you do not plan any other activities on the day of the ascent and that you have sufficient equipment. If you already know that you want to climb the mountain, pack the following things at home: head mounted torch, warm jacket, hiking boots, hat, trekking stick and a bottle of at least one litre. Long pants are necessary because of the dense vegetation in some places and the coldness. And for the top: don’t forget the camera!