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Ceramics in Kasongan

Kasongan in the province of Bantul is an hour’s drive from our house and has been known since 1675 for its pottery. Meanwhile, it has grown into a trading centre of ceramics for the whole of central Java. With almost 600 companies and more than 2300 people working in this industry.

Through a beautiful large stone gate, you walk into the village and meet the older inhabitants of Kasongan. Almost all residents are working in ceramics, which is why the seniors of the village usually show you the products. In addition to pots, vases and trays, you can also view and buy jewellery and statues and even furniture. A nice souvenir is a Loro Blonyo statue of a couple sitting next to each other in bridal clothes. The people here believe that it brings happiness and harmony to your home. 

A visit to a ceramics factory is also an option.